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The culture of the car is still strong and it will take the rising petrol prices of Peak Oil to wean ourselves from our reliance on cars, which produce 2.3kg (CO2) Greenhouse Gas per litre of fuel used.

Increased public transport and rail freight, electric cars, car pooling, rationalising our transport needs and travel and more walking and cycling may be part of the our transport future.

There are a number of local bus services within Ararat and several linking rural townships in the region (Wickliffe, Willaura, Lake Bolac, Eversley, Elmhurst, Moyston and Pomonal).  Public transport links to other centres also allow the non-car traveller to visit places like Halls Gap, Stawell, Horsham, Nhill, Beaufort, Ballarat, Maryborough, Hamilton and Warrnambool.

Ararat has an efficient taxi service (telephone 03 53527 777) and an excellent network of footpaths, cycle paths and walking tracks providing ample opportunities for recreation or commuting by bike.

Ararat’s airport is a few short kilometres from the city centre.

There is one car rental business Huckers Car & Truck Hire offering limited car rental (telephone 03 53522850).

V-Line runs three train services daily from Melbourne, while the Overlander train service operates thrice weekly between Adelaide and Melbourne.  Regional and inter-regional bus connections provide excellent services and timetables can be found on the links on this page.

Viclink provides information on all bus and train timetables, including journey planner that covers VLine services and plans for regional services.

If you have any questions about alterations to services, special events, wheelchair access or railway station information or would like further information please contact 03 5333 8770 or visit Viclink.