Tatyoon is now essentially a centre for farmers and their families, offering community and sporting facilities. The majority of residents are involved in primary production. Traditionally the area has been a fine wool and cereal producer, but low wool prices and changing climate conditions have seen diversification into oilseeds, legumes, oaten hay and prime lambs,as well as the traditional industries.

Off farm income is achieved for some families with teachers, nurses, shop assistants, administrative officers, travelling to Ararat to work, and also bringing in a diversity of ideas and experiences.

We are a small community in terms of permanent residents, but we include families drawn from a large area, including Ararat, Buangor, Maroona, Westmere, Yalla-Y-Poora and Willaura.

We are proud of our existing facilities, most of which have been funded through community efforts. Our people are our greatest asset, and possess a great spirit and are generous with their time and also financially. Our sporting facilities are among the best in the area, including a quality playing surface on the oval, one of only three turf wickets in the Grampians Cricket Association, Flexi pave tennis/netball courts and recently built football/ cricket clubrooms.

The Tatyoon recreation Reserve committee is the responsible entity for the management of most of the Tatyoon facilities including the football/cricket ground and change rooms, tennis/netball courts and changerooms, playground and community hall, which includes a meeting room, toilets, and showers, kitchen, storage area, bar and hall.

The Tatyoon Rec Reserve Committee is made up of representatives of each sporting body using the facilities, plus community representatives, and has been operating under a recently completed five-year plan.

Community Assets and Strengths

Tatyoon is a progressive community working towards a sustainable, co-operative, happy and safe community. We want to provide and maintain and improve facilities to offer recreational and social benefits for our community.

In 2005 a sub committee of the Tatyoon Rec Reserve Committee was established to create a Community Action Plan (CAP) for Tatyoon and District. The views of all community members were sought by means of a survey, and we are able to demonstrate that the proposals from the survey had broad community support and great projects have been completed.  Others are still a work in progress.


Tatyoon was first established as a service town for surrounding pastoralists in about 1870 approximately 5 kilometres to the northeast of the current town site. The original area is now known as Tatyoon North, and is the site of the Tatyoon Cemetery. When the Maroona Geelong railway line was opened in 1913, the township shifted to its current site.

The soldier settlement scheme was put into operation after World War 2; this brought a large number of young farmers into the district at one time.Like many rural districts aggregation of farms into larger holdings has come about, resulting in a reduction of the permanent population.