Energy Sustainability

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Council promote the sustainable use of energy and the sourcing of energy from renewable sources.  By reducing our use of carbon/coal based energy, we reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, which are the primary cause of global warming.

There are many simple things that people can do to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Install compact fluorescent or light emitting diode (LED) lighting
  • Have shorter showers
  • Adjust the temperature on your Heat and Cooling thermostat
  • Buy the highest energy star rating appliances
  • Insulate your building and draught-proof wherever possible
  • Provide shading to windows in summer and curtains to windows in winter
  • Install solar hot water

By conducting a simple energy audit on your house or building, you will find out the best way to get a dollar return on your energy saving investment. There is a householders self audit sheet on Council’s website and a number of websites have Greenhouse Calculators.

Free household audits are available through the Green Loans program and other such schemes.

For those who want to go further the installation of photo voltaic panels can supply all or part of your energy needs from the sun. Ararat municipality is part of the Central Victorian Solar Cities project and has a number of offers available to residents., Purchasing “Greenpower” from your energy provider ensures they purchase an equivalent amount of energy from renewable wind or solar.

Council have had offers where, together with our local Ararat Greenhouse Action Group we supported a bulk purchase of photo voltaic (PV) panels, however the most recent of these programs has been completed.  Our present push is the “Grow me the Money” Program, a program which supports businesses to reduce their energy usage.

Council are happy to provide advice in relation to ways of reducing your carbon footprint.