Community Action Plans

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Local residents are the experts when it comes to planning and initiating change in their own communities.

With the initial support of the Victorian Government’s Community Building Fund, Council now facilitates the development of Community Action Plans (CAPs), which document the resources, capacities, strengths and aspirations of individual communities.

Since 1995, Council has assisted several communities with their CAPs. As a result, a range of community projects have successfully come to fruition.

  1. Process is owned by the community and aided by local government support and facilitation.
  2. The scope is a ‘whole of community wellbeing’ priorities rather than on one particular issue or project.
  3. The focus is both on the needs/deficiencies and importantly the assets/strengths of the community.
  4. Community priorities are identified democratically - the whole community are encouraged to have their say.
  5. Widespread community input is achieved via a range of participatory initiatives (not just one community meeting).
  6. A regular review process occurs to evaluate programs and update priorities.