Warrak and Mount Cole

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A place to rest in peace

When John Warren’s wife Nola passed away, he took over her long-time mission to have a Cremation Wall erected at the Mount Cole Cemetery.

As Secretary of the Mount Cole Cemetery Committee, John managed the project which was highlighted as part of the 2005 Warrak/Mount Cole Community Action Plan.

The Plan, which was developed by the local community, also documents the need to upgrade the Warrak Cole Hall at the Warrak Recreation Reserve, amongst other town improvements.

For the Cremation Wall project, John began by gathering quotes from local businesses. Before long he’d enlisted the support of local businessman Stan Hamilton who willingly donated machinery use and time to excavate the site in preparation for works.

Construction of the Cremation Wall began in 2007.

“I knew that the University of Ballarat had a bricklaying course, so I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in having some apprentices do the brickwork,” he said. “They were very keen to be involved.”

John also gathered community donations to help fund the project, which will also be complemented by a gazebo and landscaped garden.

“Everyone seems happy with the result and a lot people said it should have happened years ago,” he said.

Fellow Mt Cole Cemetery Committee Member Mark Pilgrim, who took part in working bees, also agrees.

“It was something we really needed – somewhere proper for people to have a plaque,” he said.

The Cremation Wall now stands peacefully amongst the beautiful mountainous landscape of Mt Cole. It is a tribute by John to his wife, Nola, who, perhaps fittingly, was the first person to be laid to rest there.